Open House Day

December 19, 2023


Bachelor of Economics

The main objective of our program is to create qualified professional economists who will be able to jump into the public and private sectors nationally or internationally. These professionals will have a strong base in economics, legal sciences and other social disciplines with a special emphasis on international economics and politics. They will also gain a practical knowledge of English through constant, applicable use. With a sufficient and varied base, the graduates from this program will be able to respond to the ever-changing and increasingly demanding requirements of business practices and labor markets, both nationally and internationally.

Key Facts about ECON in One Minute

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About the Faculty of Economics

Programme coordinator

Lucie Wagnerová
Lucie Wagnerová

Lucie is an ECON Programme coordinator and during the Open House Day she will be answering your questions on admission procedure, programme structure and anything else that might interest you about the programme.

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Consulting Online Meeting for ECON applicants: each Monday



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