Open House Day

December 19, 2023


Bachelor of International Business

In today’s global world, international business is of extremely high importance. The IBB program delivers to students extended theoretical as well as practical knowledge and skill that are essential for understanding and doing business at global scale. Students also have strong language skills. After successful graduation, you will easily find employment at mid-level management positions in multinational companies, or you will be qualified enough to start your own business.

Key Facts about IBB in One Minute

Learn about the IBB Programme from the Academic Director

Why Did I Choose IBB - Student Robin

Why Did I Choose IBB - Alumnus Dhiraj

Programme coordinator

Petra Pražanová
Petra Pražanová

Petra is an IBB Programme Coordinator and during the Open House Day she will be answering your questions on admission procedure, programme structure and anything else that might interest you about the programme.

More Information

Visit programme website or write an e-mail to

Would you like to learn more about the IBB programme?

Join the IBB webinars on February 14, 2024 from 16:30 and on April 10, 2024 from 16:30

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